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We would like to know who you are, you level of connectivity and how can we help promote your space ?
What's your residence name? *

Where is {{answer_yH7u}} located ?

City, country
What discipline do you welcome ?

Check "Multidisciplinary" if you have more than 5 disciplines.

Is the residence your main activity ?

What are your other activities ?

Does your residence organise public events related to the artist in residence ? On which average ? (per year)

Exhibition, vernissage, special opening, open studio...

Does your residence host cultural events/activities non related to the artists in residence ? On which average ? (per year)

Concerts, shows, screenings, debates, workshops, dinners...

Do you have ongoing collaboration with

Are you a member of an artist-in-residence network ?

(Tick "None of the above" at the end of the liste if you don't have any relationship with AIR networks)

Do you have audiovisual content available on your website ?

Would you agree to share your videos on AIR TV and benefit from our network and audience ?

Would you like us to come and shoot videos of your infrastructure, ongoing events and interview you ?

Thank you for taking the time to answer this survey.
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